Your old car + the scrappers = £££

Scrap a car for cash-who are we?


this image shows the car being scrapped.

If you have a problem with finding a good place to scrap your car for cash then look no further because the crappers are here to help. we are based in Bolton so if you are in the area we can come down to your house and pick up your car for free yes you read that right we can pick your car up for free. so what is going to happen is you will call us on the phone you will describe the cars condition and the model and other details about the car and then we will come to your house and give you the money on hand that we agreed on the phone.

Scrap my car for cash-why are we better?


the owner of the scrapers

The company is very well known in Bolton and is the best salvage yard. the reputation around people are very good because we provide great services at all times. Our secret to the best prices in all around is that we been here over 25 years and through that time we been learning all the in and outs of scrapping and salvaging and that is our secret how we get the best prices you will find. you maybe asking yourself they will scrap my car for cash but there is other companies doing the same thing yes there are many companies that are doing the same thing but we have lots of benefits like the one where we come to your door and get your car and you dont need to pay us anything instead we pay you and that is not all we dont have any hidden charges.

Cash for a scrap car-we are the best choice.


image of cash that you will get if you choose the scrappers (the cash you will get for your car may be different)

The price of the car depends on the model and year of the car but even if your car is old the price will be the best you would get any where around here. the reason for this is that we will use your car for breaking and that means that others will save money buying the parts from the used old car. so it doesn’t matter if your car has been written of by a insurance company or its been in an accident or you just want to get rid of an old car that is just standing in front of your house we are the best choice you can make for your car. you can trust me its the easiest way to get cash for a scrap car.



Scrap Your Car TODAY!

How Do I Scrap My Car?

Scrapping a car is quick and easy but to the people who are still questioning themselves; how do I Scrap My Car? Well look no further as we are the best in the business as we take in your cars for the best prices. We are well known around Bolton and we collect cars that are in the area for free. If you have a car you want to scrap then ring this number : 01204 388 488 and the price that is given will be the guaranteed price on collection. Another way is by filling out the form on The Scrappers Website.


Here is an image of what the form looks like on the website.

Scrap Your Car

You can Scrap Your Car in any condition whether its written off by insurance, been in an accident or you just want to get rid of an old car we can do that for you. We also take any brand of car, as we like the variety of parts they provide as we can help even more customers with our wide range of car parts. Our mechanics either strip down your care piece by piece so that the pieces can be reused if they aren’t damaged. We like old and new cars because we like helping customers who have different generations of cars.


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Scrap Car Prices

We have been the best salvage yard in the business for over 25 years and we know everything about doing our jobs so if you need help deciding what piece you need or need advice we will be happy to help and we are well known and trusted by all of Bolton so when we give you a price it will be the best your going to get guaranteed as we have the best Scrap Car Prices. The price varies but that’s because some cars condition and age can be different but like always we don’t judge we will still take any car no matter what condition. Like I said before when you ring us on 01204 388 488 the price we give you over the phone when you give us the information of your car is the price we will stick with that price.


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Scrap your van for cash with scrap a van

Scrap a van for cash


the logo of scrap a van company

If you need to scrap a van for cash because it has M.O.T failures, accident damage, engine failure, gearbox damage or you just want to sell it then you are at the right place. Scrap a van is a service which is available in multiple locations around north west like Preston,Bolton,Bury,Blackburn, Stockport, Manchester and Wigan. You might be asking yourself why are we better than any other business. first of all we don’t leave the vans on a scrap heap to rust then the main reason is that we pay the very best prices for all the vans.


here you can see a van being picked up.

Scrap my van for cash-Benefits

the first benefits about having us to take care of you van is that if you have a van that is so badly damaged that you can’t move it then we can come to you and pick up your van. yes there are many companies that will tow your van but how many companies do it for free and on top of that pay you for your van there and then on pickup. yes that is right you will just need to hand in your log book and we will give you cash. another benefit that you will get from giving us your scrap van is that we are a company that cares about the environment because we use all of the parts from the van that can be re-used and we filter all the chemicals like the petrol,oil and coolant so this way you can feel better that you helped the environment. You must think to yourself they will scrap my van for cash and on top of that they will come and collect it for free what a bargain!

Cash for a scrap van

If you still feel unsure about our company not being the right one for you then you can ask the 3500+ happy clients from 2005 and that is not a bad number of people being happy about our services. that being said we can offer you a great cash for a scrap van and we can pick it up for free and on top of that the environment will not suffer in fact we are trying to be a zero waste company and we reuse 90% of the vans so at the end of the day you will have money in your wallet and you will feel better about helping the earth by giving us your van.


here is the map showing the scrap a van location and the exact address.

Everything you need to know about scrapping a Van

Scrap My Van Locations

You are probably wondering where you can scrap your van, well here are the Scrap My Van locations: Blackburn, Stockport, Preston, Manchester, Wigan, Bury and Bolton. These are a wide variety of locations that you can use to scrap your van. We also pick up your vans FREE of charge if you can’t deliver them.

Scrap a Van Bolton (Brandon Wright)

Here is the location of Scrap a Van Bolton.

How to Scrap Your Van

Now you are probably wondering how this all works. Well it’s not that are hard at all. To be honest it’s fairly easy to do, here is how you do it; If you have a van with MOT Failures, Accident Damaged, Engine Failure, End of Life, Gearbox Damage or you just want to sell your Van just ring 01204 388488 it’s that easy to Scrap Your Van. Fill in the form provider for you on the website and we will call you back with a free no obligation quote for your van. Your van can be in any condition and we will still buy it, we even buy fleet vans for the companies that need to get rid of the old ones, once again just give us a call we will take them off your hands so they don’t take up work space of your new fleet vans. We then use the vans separate body parts and interior to sell to other customers who need them for their own vehicles.

Image result for Scrap a van

A Broken Down Rusty, lifeless van.

Scrap Van Prices

We buy any van because we don’t judge by age, size or condition and if you don’t believe us then ask the 3500+ happy van owners we have bought from since 2005. We not only pick up your van if you can’t deliver it but also we pay you when we collect the van so that there is no issues. We can pick up any truck compared to companies who might not have a pick up truck for certain vans compared to us as we have all types of pick up trucks allowing us to pick up any van, like i said we don’t judge. The Scrap Van Prices do vary but we are the best in the business.

Image result for Car Parts

A wide variety of car parts.

Fleet vans

You’re probably wondering “What are fleet vans?”. To put it short, a fleet of vehicles are a group of motor vehicles, usually cars, vans, taxis, busses, etc. that are owned by a business. The said business can choose to either operate these vehicles in the case of taxi companies such as Uber or bus companies, or to sell/lease these vehicles.

How are fleet vehicles sold?”

When companies who own fleets of vehicles decide to sell them, more often then not sell/lease them in bundles of two or more vehicles at the same time as it can prove to be very profitable. Fleet vehicles are often sold/leased to other companies, big and/or small, in order to provide them with a lot of vehicles.

Who do fleet vehicle companies sell to?

Fleet vehicle companies sell vehicles to a wide range of other companies in order to supply them with vehicles which allow them transport people/goods/materials. Examples of customer companies include:

  • Taxi companies – Using cars for transporting people to their desired destination.
  • Construction firms – Using vans/trucks for transporting construction materials from storage to sites.
  • Delivery companies – Using vans/trucks for transporting goods from warehouses to customers.
  • Schools – Using busses for transporting children from home to school and back.
  • Airports – Using planes to transport passengers.

How are fleet vehicles obtained?

Fleet vehicle companies usually obtain their vehicles straight from the manufacturers who sell them at a discounted bundle price. In some cases, fleet vehicle companies also purchase their vehicles from scrapyards who sell them cars, vans and trucks which still work. Fleet vehicle companies then do any needed reparations/restorations to the vehicles and add them to the fleet.

How do I scrap my fleet of vans?

At one point or another, a fleet of vehicles (in this case, vans) will become old and inefficient. At that point, no one will want to buy a fleet of obsolete vans. When that point is reached, you might want to scrap the said fleet of vans and use the money to fund another fleet. This is very simple to. First and foremost, find the nearest scrapyard and give them a call. Decide on a price for the vans. Then, organise for their drivers to come and collect the vehicles. Last but not least, collect the agreed sum of money.

Scrapyards usually pay around £150 per tonne and seeing as how the average van weighs about 2 tonnes, you can expect to be paid around £300 per van. The money can be put into purchasing a brand new fleet of vans! It will obviously net you less than selling the vans, but it will save you the headache of dealing with potential buyers.

Scrap A Van is the best option for scrapping and purchasing vans both in a bundle and individually.

Image result for fleet of vans

Scraping your fleet of vans

So, your some of the vans in your fleet are starting to break down or there MOT expired or perhaps you just want to get an upgrade your fleet to improve it’s effectiveness well, why not scrap the old fleet to help pay for the new one?

Image result for rusted fleet of vans

Vans just like any vehicle will eventually give out on you. The wise option for this vehicle is to be sent to a scrapyard that will offer you quick service and payment on the day allowing the venture to be as fast as possible.

When scrapping the vehicle, you of obviously will want to ensure the people you are doing business with a legitimate dealer so you want a scrap yard that follows all regulations that have been set as well as offering quality service.

The first regulation that a law abiding scrapyard must follow is having an Authorized Treatment Facility environmental permit. This means the business ensruing it follows regulations set by (DEFRA) these include using concrete surfaces in areas where cars are being worked on and sealed drainage systems to ensure that no pollutants can enter water systems under the ground. This process is called depollution.

You want  to pick a scrapper  you know will  guaranty the safety of not you only but their staff while you are on site with your Fleet, but any decent  scrapyard will offer to pick up the vehicle for you saving you the all that hassle. A sure way of knowing if a scrapyard holds safety as their top concern is if they can show they have a TCM (Technically Competent Manager) that has been certified by Wamitab (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board) and have COTC (Certificate of Technical Competency) on site always. There are of course more noticeable  ways a in which excellent scrapyard will keep you safe such as having exclusion zones, areas that are marked for you not to go, and ensuring a hi-vis is worn by everyone on site.

While some small time scrapyards may not be able to handle such a influx of vans one place I know can is Scrap A Van.

Image result for A fleet of vans

Ford Transit Van

The Ford Transit van has change a lot over the years but in this post I will be taking mostly about third generation.

Before I compare the two lets have a bit of background for the third generation of Ford Transit vans. The third generation is split into two parts pre-facelift 2000 – 2006 and after the facelift 2006 – 2013.

The pre-facelift van was available in front or rear drive a rarer feature at the time. This model had the Duratorq turbo diesel engine also used in the 2000 Mondeo and Jaguar X-Type, with the petrol versions going up to the 2.3 L 16-Valve edition of the straight-4 engine. Using the engine the van was able to get to 60 mph in 21 seconds with a potential top speed of 93 mph. This winning the internation van of the year in 2001.

In 2002 the first High Pressure Common Rail diesel engine was introduced in the Transit. In 2003 the van  came with a digital odometer.

Ford Transit front 20071231.jpg

By Rudolf Stricker – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The facelifted model obviously by the name had a change to the front  of  van this change included new headlights and a new interior. The dashboard was also changed as it now featured a gearstick and a change in the design of the radio. The ford ranger’s  engine replace the one that was in the van previously. In late 2008, the “coated Diesel Particulate Filter” (cDPF)—was designed to meet higher emission standards than the current Euro IV requirement—was introduced as an option on all diesel engines. Production of the van ended in 2013.

There is now a newer version of the Ford Transit which began production in 2013 a recognizable difference is that the front wheel and rear wheel drives have two different body forms.

If you wanted to scrap your old Ford Transit in favor of getting the new Ford Transit simply go to ScrapAVan and they will either collect the van or you can drop it if yourself. There are many reason why you want to do this for example your old van is damaged beyond  repair or the MOT is expired.

By OSX – Own work, Public Domain,

Why you should scrap your van.

There are many reasons why you should scrap your old, decrepit van today. Think about this way: Your van is old, barely running anymore and whenever you’re driving it, you feel like it’s about to break down any minute. Right? So why bother milking it any further and not scrap it?


“Okay, so why should I scrap my van?”

As mentioned before, there are a few reasons to scrap your van. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Crash damage
  • MOT failure
  • High maintenance cost
  • Wishing to upgrade to a newer model

Crash Damage: Perhaps you were unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident. With your van being old as it is, a crash can be the final nail in its coffin altogether. Repair costs are high, especially for vans as they need different parts compared to a car, such as the chassis, the front/rear bumpers, you name it. So why spend money to keep that old thing up and running when you can get money for scrapping it which can be invested in that new van that you always wanted?

MOT Failure: The MOT test (or Ministry of Transport test) is an annual test that each car owner has to perform on their car, or in this case, their van. The test comprises vehicle safety, road worthiness and emissions. Well, if your van is old, it will most likely fail the test in one of these areas, or even all of them at the same time. Let’s not forget that it costs van drivers £54 to perform this test. You will still be able to drive your van, but you will need to have it examined and repaired by a mechanic in order to be able to drive it.

High Maintenance Costs: Maintaining any old vehicle is a hard and expensive task. Everyone knows that. Old motorcycles need a specific type of oil, old cars and vans need specific parts which must be replaced if need be. Keeping an old vehicle up and running will be hard on your wallet.

Upgrading: Let’s be honest, we all know that you want that new van model from Volkswagen. Don’t lie to yourself. Wishing to upgrade to a newer model is probably the most common reason people either sell or scrap their vehicles. We want the best there is even though we can’t afford it.

“Wait, did you say scrap your van for cash?

That’s right. Scrapping your van not only won’t cost you a penny, but it will also put some money in your pocket. The prices for scrapping vary from scrapper to scrapper, but in general, you will find that scrapyards usually pay £150 per tonne. Seeing as most vans weigh around two tonnes, you can expect to be paid around £300 for your van. This, of course, will not be as much as outright selling your van but it will save you the trouble of looking for a buyer and negotiating a price. Some people hate that, and all they want is some quick money.

“So where can I scrap my van?”

 The Scrappers have got you covered on that one. Offering quick and efficient services, they will rid you of your van and pay you in no time at all. You will find that the staff are friendly and good at their job. Scrapping your van will never be more enjoyable after you pay The Scrappers a visit.


The depollution process.

Since the Scrappers Is an Authorised Treatment Facility. This means the business is following regulations set by (DEFRA) these include using concreate surfaces in areas where cars are being worked on and sealed drainage systems to ensure that no pollutants can enter water systems under the ground.

So, as an Authorised Treatment Facility must make sure that a car has been depolluted before it is turned to scrap. The reason for this because vehicles contain harmful materials that if they somehow got into the water supply would be devastating. Examples of these materials (pollutants) are, fuel, oil and battery acid. Mercury a poisonous metal can also be found in a cars switches and other components. The oils and other fluids are drained These pollutants are either reused or sent to designated facilities to be processed and later reused. As a safety precaution, there is a limit on how much of these materials can be at the site at one time.The last step is to remove the airbags of the car.

Only once all hazardous material is removed from the car can it be processed this involves breaking the car down for parts and shredding anything left into scrap metal, plastic and rubber. These are then later sold as well.

This guidance states that if a car is depolluted, it must be done so to a particular standard, and in an Authorised Treatment Facility, which has been approved by the Environment Agency, and has a site for storage and a site for treatment. There is a particular process also, which has to be followed, which we have detailed in the infographic below.

car depollution

Diesel Scrapping Scheme 2017

Do you want to lose out on £2,000? Let’s be honest, no one wants that. Money is good, right?

Cash incentives are to be offered to drivers of old diesel cars in a bid for them to switch to a more environmentally friendly vehicle

The UK Government are determined to enforce the newly-introduced air pollution policies by granting owners of vehicles which run on Diesel up to £2,000 to scrap their vehicles. It is important to note that this applies only to people who own OLD Diesel vehicles. This is because old Diesel vehicles pump out a considerable amount of emissions which can spoil “clean-air” zones in cities. The government stated that the scheme would target the ‘pollution hotspots’ in the UK and targets drivers of diesel cars which were made before 2005.

This means that Diesel vehicles made after the year 2005 will lose out on the £2,000 grant, meaning that an estimate of over 6 million Diesel vehicle owners will keep their vehicles. At the same time, the value of Diesel vehicles is expected to drop by around 40% in the coming months.

Drivers who refuse to scrap their Diesel vehicles will be charged up to £10 per day for driving high emission vehicles around towns and city centres, which quickly adds up to £50 per working week and £70 for the entire week. That means up to £280 per month spent just on emission fees. Alternatively, said drivers can also receive free bus passes and bicycles if they refuse to scrap their vehicles but agree not to drive them around clean-air areas.

The scope of this government scheme is to help improve the air quality in the country which in term will help with the ever-growing problem of global warming.