Diesel Scrapping Scheme 2017

Do you want to lose out on £2,000? Let’s be honest, no one wants that. Money is good, right?

Cash incentives are to be offered to drivers of old diesel cars in a bid for them to switch to a more environmentally friendly vehicle

The UK Government are determined to enforce the newly-introduced air pollution policies by granting owners of vehicles which run on Diesel up to £2,000 to scrap their vehicles. It is important to note that this applies only to people who own OLD Diesel vehicles. This is because old Diesel vehicles pump out a considerable amount of emissions which can spoil “clean-air” zones in cities. The government stated that the scheme would target the ‘pollution hotspots’ in the UK and targets drivers of diesel cars which were made before 2005.

This means that Diesel vehicles made after the year 2005 will lose out on the £2,000 grant, meaning that an estimate of over 6 million Diesel vehicle owners will keep their vehicles. At the same time, the value of Diesel vehicles is expected to drop by around 40% in the coming months.

Drivers who refuse to scrap their Diesel vehicles will be charged up to £10 per day for driving high emission vehicles around towns and city centres, which quickly adds up to £50 per working week and £70 for the entire week. That means up to £280 per month spent just on emission fees. Alternatively, said drivers can also receive free bus passes and bicycles if they refuse to scrap their vehicles but agree not to drive them around clean-air areas.

The scope of this government scheme is to help improve the air quality in the country which in term will help with the ever-growing problem of global warming.









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