The depollution process.

Since the Scrappers Is an Authorised Treatment Facility. This means the business is following regulations set by (DEFRA) these include using concreate surfaces in areas where cars are being worked on and sealed drainage systems to ensure that no pollutants can enter water systems under the ground.

So, as an Authorised Treatment Facility must make sure that a car has been depolluted before it is turned to scrap. The reason for this because vehicles contain harmful materials that if they somehow got into the water supply would be devastating. Examples of these materials (pollutants) are, fuel, oil and battery acid. Mercury a poisonous metal can also be found in a cars switches and other components. The oils and other fluids are drained These pollutants are either reused or sent to designated facilities to be processed and later reused. As a safety precaution, there is a limit on how much of these materials can be at the site at one time.The last step is to remove the airbags of the car.

Only once all hazardous material is removed from the car can it be processed this involves breaking the car down for parts and shredding anything left into scrap metal, plastic and rubber. These are then later sold as well.

This guidance states that if a car is depolluted, it must be done so to a particular standard, and in an Authorised Treatment Facility, which has been approved by the Environment Agency, and has a site for storage and a site for treatment. There is a particular process also, which has to be followed, which we have detailed in the infographic below.

car depollution


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