Fleet vans

You’re probably wondering “What are fleet vans?”. To put it short, a fleet of vehicles are a group of motor vehicles, usually cars, vans, taxis, busses, etc. that are owned by a business. The said business can choose to either operate these vehicles in the case of taxi companies such as Uber or bus companies, or to sell/lease these vehicles.

How are fleet vehicles sold?”

When companies who own fleets of vehicles decide to sell them, more often then not sell/lease them in bundles of two or more vehicles at the same time as it can prove to be very profitable. Fleet vehicles are often sold/leased to other companies, big and/or small, in order to provide them with a lot of vehicles.

Who do fleet vehicle companies sell to?

Fleet vehicle companies sell vehicles to a wide range of other companies in order to supply them with vehicles which allow them transport people/goods/materials. Examples of customer companies include:

  • Taxi companies – Using cars for transporting people to their desired destination.
  • Construction firms – Using vans/trucks for transporting construction materials from storage to sites.
  • Delivery companies – Using vans/trucks for transporting goods from warehouses to customers.
  • Schools – Using busses for transporting children from home to school and back.
  • Airports – Using planes to transport passengers.

How are fleet vehicles obtained?

Fleet vehicle companies usually obtain their vehicles straight from the manufacturers who sell them at a discounted bundle price. In some cases, fleet vehicle companies also purchase their vehicles from scrapyards who sell them cars, vans and trucks which still work. Fleet vehicle companies then do any needed reparations/restorations to the vehicles and add them to the fleet.

How do I scrap my fleet of vans?

At one point or another, a fleet of vehicles (in this case, vans) will become old and inefficient. At that point, no one will want to buy a fleet of obsolete vans. When that point is reached, you might want to scrap the said fleet of vans and use the money to fund another fleet. This is very simple to. First and foremost, find the nearest scrapyard and give them a call. Decide on a price for the vans. Then, organise for their drivers to come and collect the vehicles. Last but not least, collect the agreed sum of money.

Scrapyards usually pay around £150 per tonne and seeing as how the average van weighs about 2 tonnes, you can expect to be paid around £300 per van. The money can be put into purchasing a brand new fleet of vans! It will obviously net you less than selling the vans, but it will save you the headache of dealing with potential buyers.

Scrap A Van is the best option for scrapping and purchasing vans both in a bundle and individually.

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