Scraping your fleet of vans

So, your some of the vans in your fleet are starting to break down or there MOT expired or perhaps you just want to get an upgrade your fleet to improve it’s effectiveness well, why not scrap the old fleet to help pay for the new one?

Image result for rusted fleet of vans

Vans just like any vehicle will eventually give out on you. The wise option for this vehicle is to be sent to a scrapyard that will offer you quick service and payment on the day allowing the venture to be as fast as possible.

When scrapping the vehicle, you of obviously will want to ensure the people you are doing business with a legitimate dealer so you want a scrap yard that follows all regulations that have been set as well as offering quality service.

The first regulation that a law abiding scrapyard must follow is having an Authorized Treatment Facility environmental permit. This means the business ensruing it follows regulations set by (DEFRA) these include using concrete surfaces in areas where cars are being worked on and sealed drainage systems to ensure that no pollutants can enter water systems under the ground. This process is called depollution.

You want  to pick a scrapper  you know will  guaranty the safety of not you only but their staff while you are on site with your Fleet, but any decent  scrapyard will offer to pick up the vehicle for you saving you the all that hassle. A sure way of knowing if a scrapyard holds safety as their top concern is if they can show they have a TCM (Technically Competent Manager) that has been certified by Wamitab (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board) and have COTC (Certificate of Technical Competency) on site always. There are of course more noticeable  ways a in which excellent scrapyard will keep you safe such as having exclusion zones, areas that are marked for you not to go, and ensuring a hi-vis is worn by everyone on site.

While some small time scrapyards may not be able to handle such a influx of vans one place I know can is Scrap A Van.

Image result for A fleet of vans


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