Why you should scrap your van.

There are many reasons why you should scrap your old, decrepit van today. Think about this way: Your van is old, barely running anymore and whenever you’re driving it, you feel like it’s about to break down any minute. Right? So why bother milking it any further and not scrap it?


“Okay, so why should I scrap my van?”

As mentioned before, there are a few reasons to scrap your van. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Crash damage
  • MOT failure
  • High maintenance cost
  • Wishing to upgrade to a newer model

Crash Damage: Perhaps you were unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident. With your van being old as it is, a crash can be the final nail in its coffin altogether. Repair costs are high, especially for vans as they need different parts compared to a car, such as the chassis, the front/rear bumpers, you name it. So why spend money to keep that old thing up and running when you can get money for scrapping it which can be invested in that new van that you always wanted?

MOT Failure: The MOT test (or Ministry of Transport test) is an annual test that each car owner has to perform on their car, or in this case, their van. The test comprises vehicle safety, road worthiness and emissions. Well, if your van is old, it will most likely fail the test in one of these areas, or even all of them at the same time. Let’s not forget that it costs van drivers £54 to perform this test. You will still be able to drive your van, but you will need to have it examined and repaired by a mechanic in order to be able to drive it.

High Maintenance Costs: Maintaining any old vehicle is a hard and expensive task. Everyone knows that. Old motorcycles need a specific type of oil, old cars and vans need specific parts which must be replaced if need be. Keeping an old vehicle up and running will be hard on your wallet.

Upgrading: Let’s be honest, we all know that you want that new van model from Volkswagen. Don’t lie to yourself. Wishing to upgrade to a newer model is probably the most common reason people either sell or scrap their vehicles. We want the best there is even though we can’t afford it.

“Wait, did you say scrap your van for cash?

That’s right. Scrapping your van not only won’t cost you a penny, but it will also put some money in your pocket. The prices for scrapping vary from scrapper to scrapper, but in general, you will find that scrapyards usually pay £150 per tonne. Seeing as most vans weigh around two tonnes, you can expect to be paid around £300 for your van. This, of course, will not be as much as outright selling your van but it will save you the trouble of looking for a buyer and negotiating a price. Some people hate that, and all they want is some quick money.

“So where can I scrap my van?”

 The Scrappers have got you covered on that one. Offering quick and efficient services, they will rid you of your van and pay you in no time at all. You will find that the staff are friendly and good at their job. Scrapping your van will never be more enjoyable after you pay The Scrappers a visit.



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