Everything you need to know about scrapping a Van

Scrap My Van Locations

You are probably wondering where you can scrap your van, well here are the Scrap My Van locations: Blackburn, Stockport, Preston, Manchester, Wigan, Bury and Bolton. These are a wide variety of locations that you can use to scrap your van. We also pick up your vans FREE of charge if you can’t deliver them.

Scrap a Van Bolton (Brandon Wright)

Here is the location of Scrap a Van Bolton.

How to Scrap Your Van

Now you are probably wondering how this all works. Well it’s not that are hard at all. To be honest it’s fairly easy to do, here is how you do it; If you have a van with MOT Failures, Accident Damaged, Engine Failure, End of Life, Gearbox Damage or you just want to sell your Van just ring 01204 388488 it’s that easy to Scrap Your Van. Fill in the form provider for you on the website and we will call you back with a free no obligation quote for your van. Your van can be in any condition and we will still buy it, we even buy fleet vans for the companies that need to get rid of the old ones, once again just give us a call we will take them off your hands so they don’t take up work space of your new fleet vans. We then use the vans separate body parts and interior to sell to other customers who need them for their own vehicles.

Image result for Scrap a van

A Broken Down Rusty, lifeless van.

Scrap Van Prices

We buy any van because we don’t judge by age, size or condition and if you don’t believe us then ask the 3500+ happy van owners we have bought from since 2005. We not only pick up your van if you can’t deliver it but also we pay you when we collect the van so that there is no issues. We can pick up any truck compared to companies who might not have a pick up truck for certain vans compared to us as we have all types of pick up trucks allowing us to pick up any van, like i said we don’t judge. The Scrap Van Prices do vary but we are the best in the business.

Image result for Car Parts

A wide variety of car parts.


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