Scrap your van for cash with scrap a van

Scrap a van for cash


the logo of scrap a van company

If you need to scrap a van for cash because it has M.O.T failures, accident damage, engine failure, gearbox damage or you just want to sell it then you are at the right place. Scrap a van is a service which is available in multiple locations around north west like Preston,Bolton,Bury,Blackburn, Stockport, Manchester and Wigan. You might be asking yourself why are we better than any other business. first of all we don’t leave the vans on a scrap heap to rust then the main reason is that we pay the very best prices for all the vans.


here you can see a van being picked up.

Scrap my van for cash-Benefits

the first benefits about having us to take care of you van is that if you have a van that is so badly damaged that you can’t move it then we can come to you and pick up your van. yes there are many companies that will tow your van but how many companies do it for free and on top of that pay you for your van there and then on pickup. yes that is right you will just need to hand in your log book and we will give you cash. another benefit that you will get from giving us your scrap van is that we are a company that cares about the environment because we use all of the parts from the van that can be re-used and we filter all the chemicals like the petrol,oil and coolant so this way you can feel better that you helped the environment. You must think to yourself they will scrap my van for cash and on top of that they will come and collect it for free what a bargain!

Cash for a scrap van

If you still feel unsure about our company not being the right one for you then you can ask the 3500+ happy clients from 2005 and that is not a bad number of people being happy about our services. that being said we can offer you a great cash for a scrap van and we can pick it up for free and on top of that the environment will not suffer in fact we are trying to be a zero waste company and we reuse 90% of the vans so at the end of the day you will have money in your wallet and you will feel better about helping the earth by giving us your van.


here is the map showing the scrap a van location and the exact address.


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