Your old car + the scrappers = £££

Scrap a car for cash-who are we?


this image shows the car being scrapped.

If you have a problem with finding a good place to scrap your car for cash then look no further because the crappers are here to help. we are based in Bolton so if you are in the area we can come down to your house and pick up your car for free yes you read that right we can pick your car up for free. so what is going to happen is you will call us on the phone you will describe the cars condition and the model and other details about the car and then we will come to your house and give you the money on hand that we agreed on the phone.

Scrap my car for cash-why are we better?


the owner of the scrapers

The company is very well known in Bolton and is the best salvage yard. the reputation around people are very good because we provide great services at all times. Our secret to the best prices in all around is that we been here over 25 years and through that time we been learning all the in and outs of scrapping and salvaging and that is our secret how we get the best prices you will find. you maybe asking yourself they will scrap my car for cash but there is other companies doing the same thing yes there are many companies that are doing the same thing but we have lots of benefits like the one where we come to your door and get your car and you dont need to pay us anything instead we pay you and that is not all we dont have any hidden charges.

Cash for a scrap car-we are the best choice.


image of cash that you will get if you choose the scrappers (the cash you will get for your car may be different)

The price of the car depends on the model and year of the car but even if your car is old the price will be the best you would get any where around here. the reason for this is that we will use your car for breaking and that means that others will save money buying the parts from the used old car. so it doesn’t matter if your car has been written of by a insurance company or its been in an accident or you just want to get rid of an old car that is just standing in front of your house we are the best choice you can make for your car. you can trust me its the easiest way to get cash for a scrap car.



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