Scrap My Van

Vans just like any vehicle will eventually reach the end of their life. The best option for this vehicle is to be sent to a scrapyard that will offer you quick service and payment on the day allowing the experience to be as quick and as painless as possible. If your worry is that that parts of your vehicle will go to waste sitting in a yard to rust don’t as all vehicles are striped for parts. Meaning good, clean working parts will be put on sale, to help others get back on the road. The scrap from the cars will either be used for new cars or any number of things once further processed.

When scrapping the vehicle, you of course will want to ensure the people you are doing business with are trustworthy so you want a scrap yard that follows all regulations that have been set as well as offering the best service possible.

The first regulation that a legitimate scrapyard must follow is having an Authorized Treatment Facility environmental permit. This means the business is following regulations set by (DEFRA) these include using concrete surfaces in areas where cars are being worked on and sealed drainage systems to ensure that no pollutants can enter water systems under the ground. This process is called depollution.

Next you want to pick a yard you know will do it’s utmost to guaranty the safety of not only but their staff while you are on site with your vehicle, but any self-respecting scrapyard will offer to pick up the vehicle for you saving you the potentially long trip. A sure way of knowing if a scrapyard holds safety as their number one priority is if they can show they have a TCM (Technically Competent Manager) that has been certified by Wamitab (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board) and have COTC (Certificate of Technical Competency) at all times. There are of course more apparent ways a professional scrapyard will keep you safe such as having exclusion zones (areas that are off limits to customers) and ensuring a hi-vis is worn always.

A example of one such place is scrapavan .

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The Ins and Outs of scrapping your car.

The concept of scrapping your car is quite simple: Your everyday car is reaching the end of its lifespan and you want to do something with it before it breaks down completely and nobody will want to buy it. In situations like this, when all else fails (including making listings for your car and offering to sell it to people yet no one agrees) you should always scrap your car.


You may be asking yourself “Well, that’s all and good but why should I do it?” Well here are a few reasons:

  • You will be paid.

Yep, that’s right. When you decide to lay your beloved car to rest, you will not only have to stop worrying about it, but you will also be paid. Usually around £300 (£150 per tonne), that’s nothing to scoff at. Sure, it won’t be the same as outright selling your car to someone, but you won’t have to deal with all the paperwork and plus, we all know what happened when you tried to sell it.

  • Environment friendly.

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Studies show that scrapping your car is actually good for the environment for a few reasons: It will prevent the said car from producing more emissions which leads to cleaner air all-around. The chemicals inside the vehicle will either be disposed of if deemed useless or recycled and used for other vehicles which prevents waste disposal in the environment. The metal, plastic and other parts of the vehicle will also be recycled and sold which means that the amount of metal/plastic needed to produce for a vehicle will be reduced. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Headache-free.


When selling your car online or in person, you will most likely encounter people who are not exactly bright. This can cause frustration on both sides and the overall experience will be less-than-stellar to put it lightly. When scrapping your car, however, all of that is gone as the process of scrapping it is idiot-proof. Inform the scrapping company, get a quotation, let the drivers collect your car and get paid. Even a child could do it.

So where can I scrap my car?”

Good question. The answer is simple: Scrap my Car. A fast and reliable service operating all across the UK. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!


Where can I get my car scrapped?

The basics of where I can Scrap My Car

If you are looking to get your car scrapped, you can go to any local car scrapping yard and have your car scrapped and collect a decent sum of money in the process. When a car is scrapped it is then stripped for spare parts that then can be sold on and put into other cars as spare parts. The scrap metal from the car is then sold on at £150 a piece and recycled for further use, such as at metal plants.

In the United Kingdom six to seven million used cars are sold every year, whilst two million are scrapped. When scrapping your car however, there are some strict environmental guidelines that were brought about by the European Union that dictate how you should dispose of your car. The European Union’s decision for this is that the pollution in the air around urban areas, such as towns and cities.

The End of Life Vehicle Directive was created by the EU to help people know of how they should dispose of their car when it is old and no longer needed. The directive is designed so that a car is not sold to any random person without documentation saying that the owner of the car has changed hands. This is done so if a person sells a car to any random person, and that person collects any fines or speeding tickets, they do not go to the original owner of the car.

When a car is scrapped however it does not matter as the car is being destroyed and having its parts salvaged for future use on other cars. When it comes to getting money from the car, its usually around £300, as it is £150 per ton for scrap metal. You can also have your car collected from your location, so it can be scrapped and you can collect the money at your house. However it may be best to drop it off yourself, so that someone may be able to take a better look at it and give you a better price.

Danny Balmer – 10/05/17

Today, Wednesday, the tenth of May, I have been tasked to take pictures of various car parts and list them on Ebay to be sold. I have been through about five car accessories and listen them. Most of the parts that I have listed are side mirrors for different types of car brands. Hopefully the parts should be sold by the time I leave on the Friday the 12th.

I have also finished off any remaining blogs that I had been tasked with doing. I am finding my time here to be a unique experience to what I normally have to do. Throughout the week I have mostly been doing blogs, how ever there has also been some more physical stuff as well, such as moving the computers to a new work location and moving various car parts so that I can take a picture of them.

Update: “Welcome to the scrapyard!”.

Back again, after three days working at The Scrappers in Bolton. It’s been an experience, and I’m still not finished yet, but I’d thought I’d update you on a few details:

  • 1) eBay listings are more complex then they seem.

You’ve probably all used eBay before, but how many of you have actually tried making a selling list for a wheel of a scrapped car? It’s no easy task, because multiple factors, such as the physical condition of the wheel, the rims of it, how long has it been used for, and what models the wheels fit have to all be taken into consideration.

TL;DR – It’s a massive headache, my deepest heartfelt sympathies to the guys that list things on eBay here, you guys are the heroes of the scrap yard.

And that’s about it. Things are still going, and I’ll write one final blog on Friday, the last day of my placement.

See you later!

Car Scrapping Scheme

What is the Car Scrapping Scheme?

The car scrapping scheme is a car scrappage scheme that was brought about in the 2009 United Kingdom Budget to buy a new car and scrap the old one that has been owned for more than one year.

The scheme was brought about because of the concern for the environment because old cars are polluting the air because of their diesel engines. They also want brand new cars to be sold so that more money can go into the industry.


Why you should scrap your old car?

You should scrap your old car because it will put more money into the industry and also get you a bit of money from doing so, which means you can put that money into buying a new more reliable car for you to use.

The parts can also be recycled and used to put towards new cars or sold as spare parts and fitted into other cars. You can get your car scrapped at any local scrapper and get paid for doing so.

Scrapping your old car also reduces the amount of pollution in the air, which will make the environment less polluted and therefore more friendly to us. This helps many people out.


Where is the scheme most likely to take place?

If you are living in a town or city, this scheme is most likely to affect you, because of the high pollution in the air. If the government manage to cut down the amount of people who are still driving diesel cars and get them to buy a brand new car, which is more friendly towards the environment, it will significantly improve the quality of air in our country.


Negatives to not having your car scrapped.

If you are unwilling to have your old car that produces pollution scrapped, you could have a pollution tax imposed on you. This tax is imposed so that it will help reduce pollution in our air.

Owning an old car will also damage the environment which is another reason to why you should have your old car scraped for money and have that money put towards buying a new car which is safer and more beneficial to the environment and also more reliable to you as it is a lot less likely to break down on you.



Car Scrapping Legislation:

How to go about scrapping your car in accordance with the law:

Eventually, the time will come when a car reaches the end of its functioning life, and becomes useless. Now, you can choose two options to deal with the car, one more preferable than the other, as you’ll soon find out.

First option:

You let your (now dead) car rot at the bottom of the driveway. There’s no benefit to this. Seriously. Let’s stop talking about it. Now.

Second option:

Oh, you chose to read on! Good for you! You won’t regret it.

Now, on top of the benefit of not having a run-down and broken car littering your drive way up. That and also the fact you receive money, usually in hand, which means you can spend it instantly. It’s a win-win. Your used car pieces are normally recycled, economically and green, of course. We all love the environment, don’t we?

So, there you have it. I mean, what REAL use is a broken car going to give you? Money, and parts that are going to go towards building a car, and some that end up being sold. Individually, of course. Since not all part of a car that isn’t in working order anymore is useless, some parts can be salvaged and sold, to others.

In a small and very brief conclusion, scrapping an old car is perhaps the best way to earn a couple of quick quid. It’s fast, easy and the only hard work you really need to do is get the car down to the site and sign a few papers.

And that’s it. Job’s a good’un!

Now you can buy that new fridge or have the conservatory done up that your mum’s always nagging you about. After all, it’s your money!


Get out there and crush that car! (Not yourself, obviously, that would be dangerous.)




My experience at The Scrappers – Jamie Ainsworth

Work Experience at The Scrappers

Over the last week, 2nd of May 2017 to the 5th of May 2017, I have been on a work placement at The Scrappers, which was set up by Bolton College. As an IT student I was given the opportunity to gain some experience in the IT Department of a Scrapyard. During this last week I have developed new skills, learnt some new things and have expanded on skills I already had.

What am I taking away from this experience?

From this week I’ve learnt multiple new skills and developed some old ones. For example, I now know how the back-end of a website works and how to modify any existing content as well as create any new content, like blogs. I also learnt how to index a webpage on Google, as well as optimizing a website to be at the top of the search results for a specific keyword. Other skills that I developed on where working as a team, for when I interviewed the motor vehicle students about what they were doing to then write a blog about them on The Scrappers website. I also developed skills with PC components as I replaced the RAM in the system I was using from 1GB to 4GB, which improved the performance of the system significantly as well as the fact that i optimized Windows 7 and increased the speeds before even adding more RAM to help run programs more fluently. Another skill I developed on was with advertising with graphical content, I designed 3 advertisements, in Photoshop, for The Scrappers, all of them advertising a different service that is being offered to the customers. As well as developing new skills and some old ones, I have learnt about what it is like in a hard working environment.

How I felt working at The Scrappers for a week

Before I arrived on May the 2nd, I was nervous and about doing the work experience. I was unsure on what I was going to be doing and what the environment was going to be like. Once I arrived, I asked the reception about where I was meant to go and they gave me the directions to where I had to go. Once I got to the area I was going to be working in, everybody there was friendly and greeted me and the other students who were also doing some kind of work experience at The Scrappers. Dave went over all of the health and safety procedures, what to do in certain situations and went over some risk assessments. After all of the signing and listening I felt much more comfortable and felt ready to work on what ever was to be set for us to do. Each day i’d comeback i’d feel slightly more confident and comfortable in the working environment. It was a good environment to work in and I always felt welcome.


Staff at The Scrappers

What I did for each day

For the first day of my placement, I got to introduce myself in a unique way, though a blog on The Scrappers website. I talked about who I am and what I am doing at college and what I thought of The Scrappers and what I was going to be doing for the rest of the week. Following up on that blog, we then went and interviewed the motor vehicle students about what they were doing at college and what jobs they have to do for that day. I then wrote a blog about them both on The Scrappers website. After those tasks, I was pretty much done for the first day.

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My second day, the 3rd of May,  we created a WordPress page, which is where we were going to post the blogs about The Scrappers and what they have to offer. We both wrote two blogs each for the WordPress page, I wrote one about used car parts, and the other about used car engines in Greater Manchester. After completing these blogs, we indexed the pages on Google, so if you were to search up any of the keywords or titles you’d be able to see the site show up in the search results, and are closer to the top, depending on the relevance. After doing all of this, I optimized the system I was using, and added more RAM to the system to increase the speeds of the system. After that I was done for the day.

On the third day, the 4th of May, I wrote two more blogs and did research on the how to scrap a car and how much money you could get from scrapping your car. I got to work on the back-end of a different site which is linked to The Scrappers,  Any Car Bought For Cash, on there I wrote a blog about for scrapping your car and a second blog for the prices you could get for scrapping your car and each components. I also did some research about what the competitors to The Scrappers had to offer and looked for what they did to be ranked higher than The Scrappers on the Google index.

For the final day of my placement, the 5th of May, I designed 3 different advertisements for The Scrappers in Photoshop. Each following the same style whilst each having a unique look which sets them apart from each other. One poster was for Scrapping your car, another was for used parts for your vehicles and the last one was for used car engines which The Scrappers have to offer.  And finally i’m writing this final blog to summarize my experience at The Scrappers.

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Overall this whole experience has been very good, there are ways it could of been better but it also could of been much worse, like not learning any new skills at all or gaining any useful experience to put down on your CV. From this experience I now have a better understand of websites and how everything is shared and advertised. I now know what it’s like to be in a working environment and actually do tasks which help give exposure to the company as well as help me learn and develop new skills. I am happy with the experience I have gained from the past week and i’m looking forward to seeing what these new skills and this whole experience can take me in the future.

The Work Experience Log – Cameron

On behalf of Bolton College I was tasked to do a maximum of 30 hours work experience, I was chosen to work in the offices at The Scrappers and work with website optimization. This included reviving webpages, submitting new blog entries on to google via URL submit, creating links to social networks and creating whole new pages for social networks too. The other student on the placement with me (Jamie) created assets for The Scrappers including an advertisement for them.


This was the first day on the placement. Once we got to the offices we where given an induction on The Scrappers as well as going over the health and safety aspects. We where given a tour of the yard and where introduced to some of the scrappers there, light humour was thrown in here and there making it very welcoming. After the tour we got to work creating blogs describing what was going on here and introducing The Scrappers to work experience.


On our second day we where tasked to create directories for The Scrappers and help it gain more publicity, We created a student blog on WordPress for us to document what we where doing as well as have something for the future work placement students to use. besides that we where also creating pages for different locations so that they would appear within the Google search results. Later on in the afternoon we created a Tumblr page that we linked with The Scrappers main webpage.


On this day we had photoshoots that would be used for the papers, once we had go this out of the way we made entries for the dead “Scrap a Van” page. We revived the page and started to add blog entries promoting the business as well as getting it back up in the search results. This is also where we started to log what we did in a text document only for it to be included in the Student Scrappers blog for future students on a work placement here.


Today is the last day of the placement, so far as I am typing this we are just continuing with that we where doing yesterday and that is reviving the pages and getting them back up in the search results, in addition we are also linking different forms of social media to The Scrappers and Scrap a Van so that they get promotion as well as more traffic that comes to their way on the website. In addition we did tier 1 and 2 linking making the website receive more traffic as well linked from one page to another.

In Closing

To sum up the experience here at The Scrappers I can say with confidence that its the best bit of work experience that I have had in a long time and I’ve had my share of terrible work placements. When I was in school I spent a week in the kitchen working with the staff and preparing food, or so I thought. It was horrible. I spent hours standing around doing nothing as the staff had no idea what to do and just left me not to mention they where very snooty and rude. A terrible experience all together that left me feeling really sad like my time had been wasted.

Next, I worked at The Whites Hotel at the Reebok where me and my friend where to help out with planning music events etc. I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a look at the planning of the music events within the industry. We where even going to help out with the Scouting For Girls gig and direct them to the main stage. We ended up spending each Thursday for a month cutting up bloody newspaper. With the past two experiences I learnt nothing and wasn’t engaged with the working world at all. maybe its intended to be metaphorical for the real working environment where its tough and not fun at all.

Working with The Scrappers was a pleasant surprise, firstly as soon as I met my employer David I knew from the start that this would be different for all the right reasons. Its clearly obvious that he enjoys what he does and is interested in what he does. He was very easy to get along with and you could carry a conversation with him no problem. That was the main vibe I got being here, that its a welcoming experience where the staff are honest with each other but not stuck up or rude and would get up to all sorts of humours high jinx . It felt like the staff where a family, very family like. It does make perfect sense after all due to the fact The Scrappers (Originally Metro Salvage) are a family ran business. As a result it was engaging to come to work and I didn’t wake up in the morning hating life.

The most important thing that I’ll take away from this experience however is the fact that I actually learnt something from it and I can add it to my arsenal of knowledge. I learnt how to submit URLs to Google as well as to fully optimize webpages as a result of this I was able to revive a dead page that was tucked away in the corners of the internet and bring it back into the limelight at the front of first page of Google.

I felt more contempt being here compared to previous work experiences, I felt like I could belong here and that my short four days has made some kind of real impact towards The Scrappers and I am happy for them, good on them.

On the third day we had a photoshoot that would be used for The Bolton Evening News which was pretty interesting. I felt like it would be a great way to promote The Scrappers showing off the working experience side.

Its safe to say that I really enjoyed this experience and as a result its one that I won’t forget, If you get to pick this as a choice I’d highly recommend it as its chilled and you will learn something new. They won’t let you down.



Me on the left taking notes to use for a blog entry, Jamie on the right. Below is some images I took for the blog entry and documentation.


Used Car Parts – Bury

Second Hand Parts

Needing additional car parts in Bury? Well here at The Scrappers we are the leading number one scrappers in the North West, we’ll be more then happy to provide you with any of your car needs. We have a large selection of second hand card parts that are of high quality and looked after with care. In addition we receive the most latest of stock that arrives by the minute, We also buy used cars each and every day so we are bound to have exactly what you want not to mention we dismantle 1000’s of vehicles every year.

As a leading late model breakers, we expertly remove working parts from cars, so that you can get your later model back on the road. What’s more, we work tirelessly to instil the best car recycling methods possible. We always provide parts to our customers that are clean and working, and when you buy used car parts they will come with a thirty day warranty subject to the terms and conditions.


The replacement of the breaks


Tyre replacement

Call In Today/ Requests

Call in today if you would like to enquire about our used car parts then ring from this number: 01204 388 488. The Scrappers have hundreds of shelves consisting of recycled car parts so you will find exactly what you want. In addition you can visit our “currently breaking” page. Click here to see: